Cleaners in Kent

Cleaners in Kent

Like many industries, cleaning offers different types of services to serve different customer bases with the most common being either a domestic or commercial cleaner. Whilst all cleaners are responsible for keeping spaces clean and tidy there are several ways in which the two main cleaning services differ.


Firstly, the area covered by the type of cleaner is the most obvious difference. A domestic cleaner provides services in a residential environment, whilst commercial cleaning covers a larger business area and is often managed by a team of cleaners to effectively clean the space.

Domestic cleaning can be completed by the home owner if he/she has time to do this, however the owner of the home may choose to hire a professional residential cleaner to complete cleaning tasks for them.

Business owners are very unlikely to clean their own commercial space and very often find it more convenient to outsource the cleaning to commercial cleaning experts instead. Commercial cleaners are required to undertake training to ensure they are fully competent to use equipment often used in a commercial environment.


As commercial cleaning is completed on a larger scale, larger and more powerful cleaning devices are often required which would not be used in a residential setting. Huge vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and other devices are used to provide a more robust clean in large areas are often used by commercial cleaners. Meanwhile a domestic cleaner would use smaller and more simple devices which are everyday items used by most homeowners as they are much more convenient in a smaller area.

Cleaning chemicals used will also differ between a domestic and commercial environment. Everyday cleaning products are used in the home as they are sufficient to thoroughly clean a domestic environment. However, a commercial cleaning company must often use stronger chemicals capable of killing a larger number of germs due to the higher number of regular users of the premises.


Commercial cleaners need to be able to adapt their cleaning services to meet health and safety standards to maintain their operating licence. Each commercial setting has its own processes and procedures to adhere to, therefore commercial cleaners must have the relevant experience and knowledge to adapt their services they provide as a cleaning process for a hospital would be greatly different to a restaurant or hotel.

Business owners should adhere to standard health and safety guidelines to protect both the staff working for them and also any visiting clients. Violation of compliance to standard cleaning procedures can result in a fixed penalty fee.

Domestic cleaners are not subject to official health and safety guidelines as the homeowner sets the standards of cleaning they require from the domestic cleaner.

Working hours

To minimise disruption domestic cleaners will usually work during the day whilst the homeowners are not in the home. Commercial cleaners tend to work during the evening or even night to ensure that they do not disturb employees whilst working.

Commercial Cleaning in Kent

Kent Cleaning Solutions offer commercial cleaning services throughout Kent, our staff are fully trained to adapt to different commercial settings and identify the correct procedures and products needed to effectively clean your commercial environment. If you are currently looking for a commercial cleaning service in Kent get in touch with us to discuss the services we can offer to meet your Commercial Cleaning needs.