Welcome to Kent Cleaning Solutions, providers of commercial cleaning services for all building types throughout Kent.

Here’s why we think our services will be better than your current cleaning company…

Common Complaints Against Cleaning Firms How We Avoid These Complaints

“They started off well, but after the first month standards fell substantially.”

Our very detailed cleaning schedule is used every time we clean a building, not just in the first month! In addition we carry out regular inspections. These factors ensure that we maintain a consistently high standard of services
“Supplies of items such as soap and toilet roll sometimes run out”
We have a rigorous system in place that ensures that supplies don't run out
"Our toilets are dirty"
We believe that keeping toilets very clean is essential, therefore, our cleaners are trained to pay particular attention to the toilets
"The cleaners don't dust thoroughly"
We train our cleaners to pay particular attention to dusting - including under and behind fixtures and furniture
"Our rubbish is often not emptied"
Our cleaners are trained to clean buildings in a systematic order so that no bins are missed

and if you manage in house cleaners, here’s how our services can help……..

Common Problems How We Can Help
“I am fed up with our cleaners calling in sick - I often can't find anyone to cover for them at such short notice….”
We provide cover if your cleaner is sick - we have a large pool of staff who can step in at short notice
“I don’t have time to thoroughly inspect the cleaners work…..”
We carry out regular inspections so that you don't have to
“Recruiting cleaners, managing them, and dealing with their payroll, taxation, holiday and time sheets is a real pain”
If you decide to use our services, we deal with all these for you!
"I invest a lot of time recruiting and training cleaners, and then they leave!"
If you use our services, you won't have to deal with this anymore! We are proud that our staff turnover rate is lower than many cleaning firms