How It Works | Cleaners in Kent

We thought it would be useful if you knew how our services work – right from when you first contact us through to the ongoing management of your cleaning service....

We Come and Visit You:

Once you have contacted us we come and visit you since it is easier to explain our services face to face.. During this visit we will ask you about your current cleaning services and any problems you are encountering, and ask you to show us around the areas you would like cleaned. We will also ask you for a floor plan if you have one.

A Written Proposal:

Once we have met with you, we will produce a fully costed written proposal which will include a cleaning schedule containing detailed information on what to clean and how often to clean it.

Cleaning Staff are Assigned to Your Building:

If you choose to go ahead, cleaning staff will be assigned to you and briefed on the specific services required for your building. All staff are trained in best practice cleaning techniques, the safe use of chemicals, health and safety and customer service. In addition all staff wear a uniform and are fully vetted.

Day One of Your Contract:

Initially a risk assessment will be conducted by a supervisor in accordance with the guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

A risk log will be produced and this will be given to the cleaning team. In addition a laminated copy of the cleaning schedule is given to the cleaning team, and we recommend this is stored in your on-site cleaning store.

The cleaning team allocated to you and a cleaning supervisor will arrive on site well before the cleaning start time.

In addition cleaning equipment (such as mops, vacuums and chemicals) and consumables (such as toilet tissue) will be delivered before cleaning services commence.

The cleaning team will walk around all of the areas to be cleaned. They will be shown what to clean, how to clean it and how often.

They will then carry out the cleaning, overseen by a cleaning supervisor.

At the end of the first shift the supervisor will conduct an inspection to make sure that the cleaning has been completed to the required standard as detailed in the cleaning services schedule.

Ongoing Management of Cleaning:

In order to ensure that a high standard of cleaning is maintained the following are undertaken:

Regular site inspections by a cleaning supervisor. Regular meetings and/or phone calls with the client. You will be given the mobile number of the Cleaning Supervisor allocated to you which you can call at any time. A comments book is provided so that you can leave comments for the cleaners on any aspect of the services provided