Below are our pricing rates. These are based on the number of hours needed each week to carry out your cleaning. Please treat these as a guide only, as every business and premises have different requirements. However, based on our many years experience, the prices below are a good indication if you want a quick guide price to budget for outsourcing your cleaning. So if you are looking for how much does it cost to clean an office or business premises, then below is a good guide:

If you require 4 or more hours of cleaning each week, please contact us for your custom quotation.

  • 4-8 hours per week: £22.00 per hour
  • 9-12 hours per week: £21.00 per hour
  • 13-20 hours per week: £20.50 per hour
  • 20+ hours per week: £20.25 per hour

All rates above include all materials and equipment to carry out the cleaning with the exception of consumables (bin bags, toilet rolls etc) If you wish, we can provide you with a separate quotation for these.

Due to direct business costs, we do not offer contract cleaning under 4 hours per week