Covid-19 Cleaning

Cleaners in Medway

Cleaners in Medway

Selecting a suitable commercial cleaner can be a challenge. How do you know that the cleaners aren't going do a good job the first time to make a good impression and then let standards slip? Or the dreaded dusting around items instead of moving them and cleaning the entire area fully. Will they correctly maintain supplies of soap, toilet roll and sanitiser?

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The importance of a clean workplace

Office and Workplace Cleaning in Gillingham, Medway and Kent

Over the last year many organisations have been compelled to move employees to remote work. With the exception of workers carrying out sensitive or essential jobs that cannot be done remotely and have continued to work from their usual workplace. During this time cleaning regimes have been enhanced to reduce the spread of communal disease with a main focus on reducing or eliminating the spread of COVID 19.


Below are our pricing rates. These are based on the number of hours needed each week to carry out your cleaning. Please treat these as a guide only, as every business and premises have different requirements. However, based on our many years experience, the prices below are a good indication if you want a quick guide price to budget for outsourcing your cleaning. So if you are looking for how much does it cost to clean an office or business premises, then below is a good guide: