Day Nursery Cleaning

Day Nursery Cleaner in Kent

Everyday across Kent, parents are dropping their children to Day Nurseries whilst they go out to work. Choosing the right day nursery is a decision many parents will spend a lot of time making to be sure they make the right choice for their child and their own specific needs. When viewing Day Nurseries, cleanliness ranks highly as all parents want to trust that their children are in a clean and safe environment. 

Children (especially toddlers!) explore their environment by putting things in their mouths or touching things that have been in another child's mouth. Small children that are crawling will also be in contact with the floor where any number of bacteria can be present. 

Keeping a clean environment for children in day nurseries is absolutely necessary, due to their nature day nurseries are highly susceptible to infections and illnesses.

Developing immune systems need nurture and the provision of a clean environment which is equally important for the staff who want the best for the children in their care and to also stay in good health themselves. 

When cleaning a day nursery, the types of products being used to clean, disinfect and sanitise the facility need to be carefully selected as not all are suitable for use in areas that children play in. Whilst strong chemicals containing powerful disinfectant may be deemed necessary to use to reach the standard of cleanliness required, many are not actually suitable for the use around children.

A day nursey should have a regular cleaning schedule, outlining what should be cleaned and how often as certain areas will need more frequent cleaning than others. 
Proper detergent and disinfectant must be readily available to staff but out of reach of children. 

Our top cleaning tips include- 

  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs regularly, with periodic steam cleans scheduled
  • Wiping down and cleaning chairs and high chairs that are used at mealtimes
  • Floors and surfaces need to be mopped/wiped down to prevent a dust or grime build up 
  • Toilet areas should be cleaned at regular intervals to help prevent the spread of infections or bacteria.
  • Kitchen or food prep areas should be cleaned before and after every meal, to prevent a germ build up, or cross-contamination between meals 
  • Children’s toys and play areas should be regularly cleaned, before and after play 
  • Frequently touched areas, such as toilet handles, door handles, light switches and taps, need to be regularly wiped down them to prevent the spread of germs
  • A good handwashing routine followed by staff and children needs to be implemented, the provision of suitable handwashing facilities, easy to use dispensers and fun rhymes or soaps are a great way to encourage children to wash their hands.

One way to ensure that your day-care facility is properly cleaned and disinfected regularly and high standards of hygiene are maintained is to hire a professional cleaning company. 

Kent Cleaning Solutions offer flexible contracts available to suit your personal needs. We are able to offer our expert advice and services for keeping your day nursery facility clean along with the best cleaning products available. We ensure that the products we use meet both the standards required to maintain a clean and sanitary environment whilst also being safe to be used around children. Our staff are precision trained to deliver a high-quality service to our customers.

If you need assistance arranging a cleaning schedule for your Day Nursery in Kent, please give us a call on 01634 303478 to discuss your needs and find out how Kent Cleaning Solutions can help you.