Cleaners in Faversham

We have a lot of clients that we clean for in Faversham in different sectors which gives us a good staff coverage for the area. This is why we decided to dedicate a page to cleaning in Faversham. As one of England's most charming and historic market towns, Faversham is in the heart of rural Kent but despite this, there are areas that are built up with offices, veterinary practices, shops, hotels, car showrooms, schools, restaurants as well as country style public house and more!

Cleaning a Large Faversham Office

We provide an office cleaning service to a local building company. We are key holders for this site and also are responsible for setting alarms once cleaning is finished. Our team of 3 cleaners comprises a team leader, and two cleaners. In addition we undertake regular unannounced inspections and feedback the results to the team leader. We also regularly contact the client to have review meetings and conduct client satisfaction surveys.

Cleaning at a Veterinary Surgery in Faversham

A veterinary surgery in Faversham contacted us about 4 years ago to enquire about contract cleaning for them. At the time, they were dealing with the cleaning requirements in-house but found this too time consuming and the staff unreliable, meaning that they were often taken off other duties in order to undertake the necessary cleaning. We have been cleaning their consultation rooms, reception area, toilets, offices, kitchen, kennel, operating theatre and lab areas for them ever since.

Providing Cleaning Services to a Faversham School

A state school in Faversham contacted us since the standards of their current cleaning services were poor and this had been noted in an Ofsted inspection. Upon taking over the contract we provided a deep clean free of charge, this was a ceiling to floor deep clean of everything, and involved us moving all items of furniture to make sure we cleaned under and behind things. We also conducted high up cleaning of light fittings on the ceiling of the assembly hall.

Contract Cleaning Service for a Faversham Pub

One of our cleaning services clients in Faversham is a large pub which serves food all day and has a small night club area at weekends. We start the cleaning at 6am in order to make sure everything is clean by opening time. We also provide extra hours at weekends, when the pub gets dirtier.

As well as providing cleaners, cleaning equipment and chemicals, we also provide sanitary bins, toilet roll, soap and hand towels.