Map of Kent

Our Factory Cleaning Service in Kent

Health and safety is a particularly important topic when providing cleaning services in a factory environment. As a result we provide all PPE (personal protective equipment) when needed for our factory cleaners. For example we provide cleaning services for one client where our operatives wear a hard hat, a high visibility jacket and steel capped shoes. This helps minimise the possibility of any injuries being sustained

Providing cleaning services to factories often involves cleaning some very dirty surfaces since factories produce more dirt than, for example a typical office. As a result we are able to provide and advise upon industrial strength cleaning chemicals and the associated cleaning equipment. There are a large number of factories in Kent, especially in North Kent, Medway and the areas of Kent that touch London.

If you would like a quotation for our factory cleaning services, anywhere in Kent, then please call us on 01634 303478 or email us. We will supply our own PPE equipment when visiting your site.